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Help is always a button push away!

The iHelpTM mobile medical alarm is the latest mobile medical alert system designed to keep you safe, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO! Unlike traditional home medical alert systems, the iHelpTM mobile pendant is NOT connected to a medical alert base station that works only in your home–instead, it can be taken anywhere there’s cellular service. With the smart technology of the iHelpTM, you no longer need to let the fear of a fall, a medical emergency, or any unsafe situation keep you from doing all the things you enjoy.


Simple, Smart, and Effective

The iHELP™ is so simple to use. Simply press the button on your iHelp™ unit to be connected to an operator, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. iHelp’s™ wireless medical alert system uses a nationwide wireless network to instantly contact our team of emergency operators when you need assistance.


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